Video Think Aloud Reflection

For my Think-Aloud, I looked at “Flight Paths“, a story of how a suburban woman and Middle-Eastern immigrant came to cross paths. I found that it was difficult to analyze the aspects of electronic literature in this piece in the first experience with the work.  At the beginning of my video, I found myself making a lot of comments about the storyline, images, sounds and other sensory aspects of the piece.  Perhaps I needed to sort out what was going on before I could go more in-depth into the ELit aspects of the work.  I was definitely, at first analyzing the artistic components and later looking more into the structure of the literature.  At first, I was looking more at the surface level and eventually became more interested in the underlying pieces of the work.  I became less focused on the text and more interested in why the author presented the text in certain ways.  At one point Yacub was flying and his “voice”, or textual thoughts were presented at the top of the screen.  Meanwhile, the woman below had her thoughts represented at the bottom of the screen.  The presentation spatially separated the two characters so that similar pieces of text could be distinguished as being the thoughts of their respective characters.  This leads me to realize that although artistic choices of the author are not vital to the ELit structure, they can still be vital to producing a logical narrative.

I would like to see how my experience would change if I did the Think-Aloud with a partner.  I would think a second way of thinking would diversify the comments made and direct the conversation in an even more productive direction.  Having additional thoughts to add to or work off of may improve the analytical qualities of the process.

Although it was difficult to feel as though I properly analyzed the piece, I think this was a productive exercise.  Recording and evaluating my process in analyzing this piece of ELit will be helpful for improving the process of critically thinking about other ELit.

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